An open apology for my husband and his behaviour..

There are people in the world who speak the truth from their keyboard. Too highly evolved to approach a person to whom they would like to express a strong opinion, they remain gracefully anonymous and elegantly situated in the powerful light of their screens. I am blessed to have received a missive from one such creature, and not a moment too soon. It concerns my despicable husband and his equally morally lacklustre colleague and her family. I can’t do it justice by summary, so here it is in its glory:

Hey Stav, saw you at Easts Leagues Club tonight. Honestly, I think you and your party were rude, inconsiderate of others and downright obnoxious how you seemed to enjoy grandstanding your collective egos. No one was impressed one bit by the bold and undisciplined kids at your table squealing and screeching at your lame attention seeking behaviour. Who do you think you are? I can tell you people around you considered you a first class wanker! From

Now, I was as shocked to receive this on my website comments as you no doubt are to read it, especially if you’ve met Stav. Who would be brave enough to call out someone as obnoxious as my husband and risk the wrath of his colossal ego? Dancat would. I immediately grilled Stav on what the hell he thought he was doing, and these are the main points:

  • At around 7pm on a Monday night, he, his on air partner in crime Abby, her miscreant husband Scott and their two small children (at the ages of three and five where they should be seen and not heard, in my opinion), and our four year old daughter dined. The restaurant does have a kids menu and other children were in the area at the time, but this is no excuse for children to make noise, and certainly not for them to respond positively to attempts to engage them or cause them to laugh. Why were they not simply positioned at the table with books or tablets and asked to remain silent? I don’t know, Dancat. I’m at a loss to explain it myself.


  • The children did indeed make noise. This is incontrovertible. I myself have been in their company when Abby and Scott have allowed, nay encouraged, them to make sounds of mirth, and I must say I have even witnessed them have to be told more than once to do something. At their advanced ages, these boys should know better. “Bold” boys under the age of six? Sickening. And I can only wring my hands in horror at what kind of human our daughter will be after being raised as a hellcat.


  • Stav is a first class wanker. I often think it when he swans out of our family home at 4am every weekday morning for the thirteenth year. He’s almost completely unbearable in the way he raises our daughter to be curious and joyful and respectful. And his refusal, no, negligence, in failing to discipline other people’s children? Well. Don’t get me started. And obnoxious! You don’t know the half of it, Dancat. I’ve stood at his side for 17 years, seen him grow from a young man to the man he is today, and I literally can’t count the amount of times he’s failed to listen to me, or treated anyone in our lives disrespectfully. I literally can’t count those times.

So thank you, Dancat. You were so right that you would get the approval and validation you so richly deserve for your bravery and honesty in reaching out to the wife of the man in question. I haven’t always been a mother, and I wish I had your courage in reaching out anonymously via the web to those families that interrupted my child free dining.

I have also reached out to Easts via their facebook page and asked whether children are welcome in the dining area. Apparently, they are.  Children? In a club which purports in its advertising to appeal to families? Disgusting.

Yours in awe


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