I walked out from my hotel this morning, turned right and was at the dock in Hobart. Which is odd given that I’m staying at a haunted hotel two streets from the heart of Kings Cross. For just a moment, the glimpse of the water against the rustic dock near Harry’s Cafe de Wheels gave me that Hobart feeling.

I keep little mental snapshots of my travels for moments of stress. I don’t get the gig I was hoping for and close my eyes for a moment and see the Rockies from a Vancouver street. A friend lets me down and I go to Bryant Park in New York and look up from the ice rink to the buildings set in blue sky above. The best ones happen by accident though. I walk past a Brissie bakery and smell NY pretzels. Today I looked up at an old building in Sydneytown and was at Melbourne Town Hall walking in to do Raw Comedy many moons ago. The smell of cooking lamb takes me to Glasgow. Must be a haggis flashback.

I keep my friends with me, too. I see a pretty woman dance for the hell of it without music and I see Deweez. A dirty, full and gutsy laugh makes me think of Katherine. Tall men in suits with dark hair make me want to hug my hubby. Melora miaows from porches all over the world. You’re all there. Somewhere.


Some people love being thrown into a new environment where they don’t know the rules. They find clues everywhere and can be found ten minutes after arriving sitting with the coolest people, drinking the best cocktails and laughing at the tourists still staring at the map on the wall like it might hold the seccret to the kingdom.

I am not one of those cool people. If you’ve ever met me and found me distant, its usually because I am trying to figure out what’s going on and if I look as lost as I feel.

Today I stepped aboard the Pacific Dawn. She’s a lovely big ship and the crew seem lovely. I’m in my cabin typing so I can wait for everyone to settle in a little before I roam. I’m looking forward to doing my show – I’ve figured out where the stage is, and I am very rarely lost on stage. I think that’s why I like it up there. There’s a really bright light, the music tells me when to start talking and I know the way home.

The first blog is the deepest..

It has finally happened. I’ve caught up with the times and gone and got a website of my very own. I’m hoping to fill it with info on my gigs, lots of blog entries that should give you a laugh, or something to ponder. There will be pics of my grand adventures and stories both from the road and from the couch.

There is something really intimate and permanent about writing a blog – I’m more used to my words throwing on something alluring and trotting out past a microphone than I am having them stay still ¬†for you to really get a good look at them. Still, early days yet. Lets just take these words for a spin and make plans for a second date. No one likes a needy word.