Podcast goodness – Justin Hamilton and I in CYTTPP

If you haven’t seen Justin Hamilton do live stand up, do yourself a favour and sort that out. He is very very funny. But its not just his ability to make me laugh that makes me love watching him. Justin knows how to tell a story, or craft an image, or describe a character in such a way that you find yourself nodding along. You’re with him, you can see what he sees and you’re totally involved in the narrative while laughing your face off.

He also knows how to put together a cracking podcast, with the assistance of the lovely and talented Bron Robinson. The series is called “Can You Take This Photo Please”. Justin’s interviews with Greg Fleet and Lawrence Mooney are my current faves.

He and I sat down at the Vic and had a lot of fun making this podcast. It has a few cameo appearances from some senior Aussies and is the unedited recording of the chat.

Thank you Justin. You get it. You really do.

Click through to Justin’s website to download the podcast


Spend a couple of Saturday mornings with me as we relax into the weekend. Some gardening, some sport, some interesting people. Pour a coffee and join me..

Date : Saturday 17th and 24th September 2011
What : Hosting 612 ABC Brisbane Weekends (filling in for Phil Smith
Where : 612ABC
When : 6am to 8am and 8:30 to 9am
Phone: 1300 222 612


Review – Gympie Times

I was nervous as I got up in front of the Gympie crowd. I know country audiences have excellent BS detectors and they are not at all shy about letting you know if they don’t like you. But as soon as I got up, I knew it was all going to be ok. They were up for a laugh, and we got along beautifully.

Here’s what The Gympie Times had to say..

Gympie Times gig review