I often have the opportunity to work on many different shows for 612 ABC Brisbane as both presenter and producer. Here are some of my favourite pieces from my time behind the mic.

Starting with some promising new research and a chat with Katie Clift at the Cancer Council, I also get to talk with an inspirational cancer survivor with a story which includes beating stage four cancer, a car trip with Michael Douglas and a chopper ride with the Packers. Click through to listen here.

John Hocknull served as a Kiap in Papua New Guinea in the 70s and was there when they gained independence. He was policeman, judge, jailor, engineer, mayor and many other things to the villagers in his time there. Here his story of a different time here.

Is there such a thing as a modern Australian accent and, if there is, how and why has it changed over the years? Listen to the chat with Melissa Agnew here.

I love a good science chat. And if you throw in asteroids and space cannons, I’m there with bells on. Have a listen to some star stuff with Stuart Gary.


Every Friday at 2:45pm, Kelly Higgins-Devine and I stop the world for the Friday Filibuster. Its a light hearted look at the stories you’re really looking at on the internet when you pretend you’re looking at politics and finance. Here’s a selection of the best..

The Vatican misspells Jesus and the rules of moviegoing РSHHHH!!. Click here to go to ABC website to listen.

Can you claim compo for a sex injury on a work trip? Is it ok to date a guy just for the free meal, and a man fakes his own kidnapping for a boys night out. Listen here





612 ABC’s Queen of Weird – Me!

Every week, I get to join the lovely and talented Kelly Higgins-Devine on air for 612 ABC Brisbane to bring the weirdest and most bizarre tales from around the world.

This time, we went to eating contests in the US, death defying Russian marriage proposals and the festival of the ginga.

Click through to have a listen..

And the week before,¬†stories of women on a sex strike to force political change, a clothing company surprised at the offence they created with the name of their shop – “Hitler”. Then there is the story of UK fire fighters who had to save a cow stuck in a tree; then there is news one man who decided to surprise his girlfriend by posting himself to her.

Click through to have a listen..