Facebook isn’t out to get you. Or, it is.

Sometimes I log on to Facebook and it seems that every bastard is just trying to piss me off. It’s all either rants about shit I don’t care about, rants about shit I do care about, but disagree with the ranter on or folk bragging about shit I wish I was rich/ talented/ beautiful/ smart enough to be bragging about all for myself.

Other times, Facebook is a soft place to land, full of love and kittens and pictures of people I love doing things that make them happy. Its a love in of funny, beautiful people all interacting and sharing their energy and attention. I love it, it loves me, and we’re all together for a wonderful ride with nary a seagull or bloodied Fabio in sight.

A long time ago, a very funny lady named Watermelon told me a great secret of the Universe. She said, in her unsurprisingly Californian accent, “Kat, honey, if  absolutely everyone in the world is pissing you off, think about the chances that EVERYONE you met today is a great screaming jackass”. Of course, every now and again, that actually happens. There are a lot of jackasses in this world. But it’s rare.

I sincerely hope I remember this logical approach next time I open Facebook when I’m tired/ cranky/sensitive/whatevs. But there’s a very good chance I won’t, and I may rant about shit you don’t care about, shit you do care about but disagree with me on, or brag about the awesomeness that is my life. Don’t let it get you down.

June gigs

You can hear me on the wireless at 612 ABC Brisbane every weekend in June from 9am – 12 noon Saturday and 10am – noon Sunday. I’m state wide across QLD 10 – 12 both days and you can hear it anywhere in the world or listen to and read about the highlights on the Weekends blog.

I’m still doing a few gigs in June:

Albion Comedy Club – Stav and I are working together Saturday June 7

Stones Corner June 19 Open Mic night host

Sit Down Comedy Club MC June 21

McLeod Golf Club trivia night  June 24

Pole dancing championship June 28.

Newmarket Hotel open mic MC  June 30(free gig!!)

18 month sleep regression/ dear god give me sleep

What’s the fun in having a fully functioning brain? Where would the challenge be if I was playing with a full deck? I had a conversation on the phone today where I forgot halfway through it to whom I was speaking. It was only when they gave their email address that I remembered. My website has been down for weeks. Which made me cry. I ran out of printer ink yesterday. Which made me laugh for ten minutes.

Rors is going through what is apparently a well known phenomenon – the 18 month sleep regression. May I take a moment to once again admonish the parents in our lives – WHY DIDN’T YOU WARN US?? WHERE WAS THE HEADS UP ABOUT THE NON SLEEPY TIMES??

Our tiny love was very occasionally sleeping through the night. Mostly, she’d go to sleep like an angel, we’d be up once or twice, and a 5 – 6am wake up for all except for Dad who’d left at 4. Then, hell in a hand basket. In the shape of a cute toddler, with the lungs of an olympic swimmer and the stamina of a marathon runner. Screaming at bed time and often through the night as mum and dad whimper gently and pray for the return of our sleepy girl. Tired doesn’t even come close to explaining it. If tired were a state, this would be a commonwealth. If you offered me a magnum of Moet or eight hours sleep, I’d club myself over the head with the bottle and gladly pass out.

She’s asleep right now. Looking peaceful, with her tiny hand curled around her favourite doll Bubby  and her perfect face relaxed and serene. I love her. So much. Maybe tonight, we’ll sleep.