Long time no blog..

I have written hundreds of blogs in the last month. I wrote them in my head, high fived myself about how awesome they will be when I type them up in a spare moment and then utterly failed to get that spare moment. The blog is about all things Rori, nothing to do with babies, all about politics and completely silly.

So I find a spare moment, and you’ll find out at the exact same moment I do what it’s about. Right now, I’m full watching my guilty pleasure American Idol and thinking about guilty pleasures – wondering whether its our guilty pleasures that say more about us than the cool things we talk about liking at parties. If that’s true, here’s a glimpse right into my soul.

Guilty Pleasure Number One: trashy television. I’m fighting the urge to also tell you about the highbrow TV I watch to mitigate the damage here, but I’ll resist. It really wouldn’t balance it anyway. I’m a televisual trash bag. I love The Valleys, MKR, Geordie Shore, dance shows (although they’re never ever dancing when I channel flick over them), Vampire Diaries, Intervention, Hoarders. I’m sure there’s more, but you get the idea.

Guilty Pleasure Number Two: Taking on more than I can handle. It sounds noble, but it isn’t if you see it up close and personal. I obsess, I usually get sick, I convince myself I can’t do it, but that feeling when I do against all the (completely self imposed) odds is bloody awesome. Then I do it all over again. I’m envious of calm folk, but I don’t really understand them.

GP Number Three: Facebook frenemies. Those people you really should quit, but would prefer to know what bile they’re spitting or, ridiculousness they get up to than cut them lose. Bad for your mental health, but fascinating like blood splatter.

GP Number Four: Nineties dance music.

Right. I’m off for a drive to listen to GP Number 5. Podcasts. Lots of podcasts while thinking of blogs I may or may not ever write…



You can hear me anywhere in QLD every Saturday and Sunday morning in March on the ABC Local Radio network, or online here. Click through to ABC website for more information on the program. While I’m at the ABC, I’ve slowed the gigs down a bit, but I’m still out and about….

Tuesday March 4: Oxford 152 Open Mic MC (Click through to Sit Down website for more information)

Friday March 7: Gold Coast Arts Centre with Steady Eddy

March 15 – corporate event Toowoomba

Thursday March 20: Stones Corner Hotel (Click through to Sit Down website for more information)

Saturday March 22: Jupiters Casino Comedy Gala

Thursday – Saturday March 27-29 Sit Down Comedy Club MC Paddo Tavern (Click through to Sit Down website for more information)





You can hear me every Saturday and Sunday morning on ABC Local Radio QLD (click here for ABC website). So I’m gigging a little less at night, but you can still catch me…

Friday and Saturday February 8 & 9: Puppetry of the Penis support Toowoomba and Tweed Heads. This is truly the most fun you can have with less clothes on.

Tuesday February 11: Treasury Casino (click through to Sit Down website for more info)

Thursday February 13 : Stones Corner Hotel MC for open mic night

Tuesday February 25 – Piano Bar Maroochydore 

Friday February 28 – Support for Anthony Laffan hypo show at Albion Comedy Club and Restaurant