2013 has only just left the building, and already many have expressed their feelings about it now that it’s out of earshot. Some acrimonious, some with indulgent affection. I for one was a fan.

2013 gave me my first full year as a mum. Rori was born November 16 2012, but the decision to have her took place on a New Years Eve, so she’s kind of a New Years baby. All the best decisions are made in the early morn after a large night. In this case, that’s actually true. She’s delicious. Literally delicious. I regularly gnaw on her chubby legs, chew on her tiny fingers or smell her sweet, soft hair. Even after all of that weird behaviour, she still trusts me implicitly and her little face lights up when she sees her Mumma. Everything melts away when I see that.

Love had a rough trot for some of my favourite people in 2013. It’s a sadly grown up thing to learn that love isn’t always enough. But it did make me work just a little harder not to take my lovely hubby for granted. It’s easy to get lost in the busy streets of parenthood and work, but I remembered to set my heart’s GPS to track home after each long day. Its easy to find – home is wherever he and Rors are singing together to his guitar.

I don’t make friends easily. It’s part shyness, part self involvement and part spikiness. But this year I have met some top folk. Honest, hilarious, warm and open. I hope you know who you are. The world also very kindly returned some people to me who had been far away. Thanks world. You know when you spend time with people who you haven’t seen in a long time, or not very often – and you’re instantly comfortable? That.

Work was a tricky beast this last year. When your human alarm clock goes off at 5am, its easy to get tired and lose some focus on stage. I hope I managed to stay the course – I did some fantastic gigs, found new ways of making folk laugh and made some radio. I even had the rare and immensely rewarding privilege of teaching some talented folk who are early in their paths. They inspired me to be inspiring. ┬áLate in the year, I had some home truths pushed under my door with respect to my future, but I’m choosing to treat the universe with the respect it deserves and trusting that it will treat me in kind if I keep my heart in the game. Let’s dance, universe – Let’s dance.