To my little Rori,

I’m sitting in the glider chair your dad and I bought for when you arrive and need rocking to sleep. You’ve just had the hiccups and now you’re moving about in my belly. I think I’ll miss having you in there when you’re out in the world. Its nice being able to feel when you’re awake and it makes me laugh when you seem to kick in protest if I drink something cold or you seem to be doing calisthenics. But I can’t wait to meet you out in the world.

So many people are looking forward to meeting you! You were a surprise to pretty much everyone but your dad and I. We’d always said we didn’t want a baby, but you called very loudly from the baby waiting room and we decided we had plenty of love to go round and the world would be a better place with a little you in it. We decided to have you and thought you’d take your time getting here. But maybe you take after me – no patience for waiting around! You lucked out in the dad stakes, by the way. He’s the best person I know and if you grow up to be as kind and funny and generous as him, you’ll be awesome.

I keep trying to imagine what you’ll be like. I’m guessing tall. And fair skinned. And funny. Or maybe you’ll rebel and be into numbers like your Uncle Chris, become a finance wizard and take over the world. Or a teacher like Aunty Sharon (who will no doubt also teach you how to party like its 1999). Your grandparents will spoil you absolutely rotten and may well steal you for periods of time. Which is fine. They cook better than your mum. Take advantage of that while you can, honey.

Ah. While I have your attention.. I do apologize for your mother’s language while you’re in utero. Let’s hope your first words are more PG.

See you in five weeks (or thereabouts..)


Your mum.



Ladies Comedy Night is back for a third run!


These will be the final  Ladies Night shows before the Baby Davidson makes her debut to the world. I am far more excited as its wise for a pregnant lady to get about these shows. The last two runs have been so much fun to run and even more to watch, and these upcoming shows have some of your favourite gals, and a few you might not have seen before. You don’t have to be a lady to come along – its the best way for ANYONE to spend a Sunday night.


Have a look at the poster and the links below for the line up of talented women – different every night! Also, the token men are sensational – crowd favourite Mark Werner bravely returns, the ludicrously handsome Stav Davidson takes his turn in the hotseat and newcomer to Ladies Night James Tinniswood is girding his loins to take on the most direct audience questions in the free world.

September 30:  – click through to Sit Down website for booking and more information

October 7 – click through to Sit Down website for booking and more information

October 14 – click through to Sit Down website for booking and more information