All knocked up and somewhere to go..

Baby Davidson says hi!!

I never thought I’d be telling you all this, but.. I’m pregnant! ┬áThose of you who know us well know that a baby was never part of the plan, but little Peanut (as we call the bub in my belly) had different ideas.

About eight months ago, the thought of having a baby started to enter my head. It was like an alien had implanted it when it first flittered across my brain. I’d had dreams about a little boy named Gus a little before that but didn’t think too much of it. He was a rather opinionated little baby who gave me cooking advice and gave his name as Gus -“short for Angus, Mum”, as he informed me.

I told Stav about these errant thoughts and we kept talking about it as the urge got stronger. Eventually, the “if”s in our conversations started to sound like “when”s and we decided on New Years that we would give it a go. That is one hell of a life changing New Years Resolution. We assumed it would take a while to get pregnant given my age and the unkindness I’ve sometimes shown to my body. It took two months and I got pregnant in February. Can I get a high five for strong scottish swimmers and fertile celtic women?!

I’m very much looking forward to exploring the comedic possibilities of impending motherhood and cannot wait to host Bogan Bingo with a bun in the oven. Little Peanut/ Gus will be working for his supper before he’s even born. Good lad. Because there is always a chance he will rebel against his upbringing and become an accountant. And we promise we’ll love him anyway.