In the lead up to opening night of the Brisbane Comedy Festival on February 28, 2012, I had a lovely chat on air with Bec Levingston about my show Untidy, comedy in general and my picks of the Fest. I may have gotten a little emotional about how strong the Brisbane contingent is this year..

You won’t just get to hear my dulcet tones – there are some very funny pieces from some of my festival faves – Tom Gleeson, Stephen K Amos, Josh Earl and Sam Simmons.

Have a listen by clicking here..

An open letter to my bike

Dear Trek,

I know our relationship is very new, and I don’t want to come across as too intense, but I feel we need to get some things straight before we go any further down the road together. I remember the first moment we met. You and I both know I’d been with a few bikes before you, but they were all very casual and, god help me, most of them belonged to other people. I’m not proud of that, but you have to know that you are the first bike I’ve really been serious about.

Do you remember the first time we went out? You weren’t even mine then, and I was so nervous! I looked around the room and even spent a little time with some other bikes, but you kept catching my eye, and eventually I made my way over to you. It took me ages to get up the courage to get you alone. But I finally asked your friends if they would mind if we went outside for a while. They were very protective of you (so sweet!) and told me not to take you far, but they sent us off with a wave and then it was just us two.

Things moved pretty fast from that point, didn’t they? When you know, you know. And I knew you were made for me. The way you moved, the way you seemed to know what I was going to do next. And then you were mine. When I got you home, I could tell my husband was a little shocked. We’d talked about my wanting something new, but he never thought it would happen so fast. But he’s a good man and he even said he might give you a go himself. Bless him.

Things were great in the beginning, but I started to notice a few little things that made me feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I felt like you were trying to go in a different direction to me and frankly, it scared me a little. And I’d come home with little marks on me. I explained them away as my clumsiness, but I think my husband knew you were being a little rough.

So here’s what I need from you. Today can’t happen again. If you’re feeling off, you need to tell me before we go out. Don’t wait until we’re a long way from home and just deflate. I can’t help you if I don’t have the right tools. And when I’m gently taking you home, trying not to be upset that you’ve ruined the outing, don’t take your pain out in me. That hurt. It really hurt. And those scars run deep.  I still love you, and I’m determined to make this work, but we need to be on the same path here. At the same speed.



Funny love – Kat and Stav article in “U on Sunday” Magazine

I love a good love story. But the older I get, the less I think its about a great orchestral score and a nice sunset. Now, I think its about finding something to laugh at together to stop one of you crying. Or remembering to bring in the washing because you know his/her favourite shirt is on the line and they always like to wear it if its a long day at work tomorrow. And still finding the other attractive when they are wearing boxers, an old singlet and some of dinner on their front. Sally Browne wrote a great couple of stories about us for U on Sunday.

Our individual stories of Stav’s proposal are through this link.


And, of course, if you’d like to book a ticket to my Brisbane Comedy Festival show Untidy, click here