Ladies Comedy Night | Paddington | One show left – Sunday December 11

Ladies Night’s second run has only one show left! The first two were rip snorters, so make sure you get along this Sunday,  December 11th. This week, Fiona takes centre stage as our headlining gal, while Jenny Wynter, Nick Grimwood and Stav Davidson* knock it out of the park.

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December 11th

Headline: Fiona McGary
MC: Kat Davidson
Featured Support: Jenny Wynter
Token Male: Nick Grimwood
5 -7 min : Stav Davidson

*This is your only chance this year and likely the next to see Stav in action.


November 27th
Headline: Jenny Wynter
MC: Kat Davidson
Featured Support: Mel Buttle
Token Male: Damien Power
5 -7 min : Bridget Griffith

December 4th
Headline: Mel Buttle
MC: Kat Davidson
Featured Support: Ellen Briggs
Token Male: Mark Werner
5 -7 min : Soulla


How do you feel about having women on the frontline?

Maybe you’re concerned about the physicality required and whether a woman would be able to carry the heavy pack required, survive on the rations and cope with the hygiene limitations.

Well, how fit are these women? Surely their basic fitness level will help us to understand how strong and fast they might be.

To give you an idea of the basic fitness level required to get in to army, Madonna King sent me have a try at that test.


I’m 35, I run half marathons – but was I fit enough to pass the basic test?